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At Pho House restaurant, we want you to have a wonderful dining experience and our goal is to serve you with authentic Vietnamese food. We have many variety of dishes on the menu , such as our signature beef noodle, Vietnamese crepe, crispy stir-fried Noodle and wonton soup. Stop by and get your first dining experience at Pho House Vietnamese restaurant.

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Delicious Menu Items

Browse our colorful menu as we offer a variety of Vietanamese dishes such as pho and crispy pork egg rolls on rice vermicelli.

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Never miss any new specials and deals! In appreciation of our wonderful customers, we are offering awesome deals so you can enjoy a spectacular meal at an amazing price you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

"Best Pho in CR. And in the corridor area as well. No one else comes close. If you’ve been to Mai Pho on the SW Side, Pho House will be familiar to you. Same owners, same menu, same high quality. If you like Pho, boom. Pho House is a great addition to the NE side of CR and will be a mainstay for years to come. Highly recommend!"

Adam L.


"The food was sooo great! Ordered the dumplings appetizer and #13 pho. Dumplings steamed and fried were great (we had both!). I still highly recommend this restaurant. It was soooooo good and the prices were reasonable. The atmosphere was also great! I expect them to do well and improve their services as they move forward. Great job Mai Pho House!"

Rando K.


"Service was good. Fast and friendly! Food was delicious. Dumplings and crab rangoons with a bowl of Pho. Definitely recommend!! 5/5!"